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What is Calisthenics?

The word ‘Calisthenics’ comes from ancient Greece, originally ‘Kallos sthenos’ which literally means ‘Beautiful strength’. It has stood the test of time as an effective way to exercise because….it works.

Calisthenics is an art form. Through body weight exercises and minimal equipment you can obtain an extremely high degree of strength and flexibility.

Your body is the only one you will ever have. Finding out what you can achieve with it is an incredibly rewarding experience and, luckily for us, the progression and exercises available in Calisthenics are almost endless.

About Me

My name is Paul Samways and I have a passion for exploring what the human body can achieve. I’ve been training all my adult life but began using calisthenics in 2013 and have not looked back since.

I left the UK in 2007 and worked in Asia as a diving instructor for 5 years. I then worked briefly as a yachtmaster before taking a job on a remote scientific research station in Antarctica. I began work on the station as a Boating Officer and then worked my way up to Station Leader.

It was whilst on station that I began training with gymnastic rings and became hooked. I have researched calisthenics extensively and have experimented with my own training since 2013. This has put me in a great position to pass on what I have learned to others who have a desire to get stronger and fitter.

Pro Calisthenics Services

What I Can Offer

Free Consultation

This usually takes 40 minutes to 1 hour and involves a health questionnaire and a discussion to find out what your goals are. From the information I receive during this session I can best work out how to proceed and how to make sure you get the most out of the up and coming sessions.

This can happen at your home or at another location if you prefer.

Fundamentals Pack

5 Sessions

These sessions are aimed at giving you a sound understanding of the training principles used in calisthenics. These range from correct technique, how to use progressive overload to maximise your results, an overview of exercises including how to progress and, importantly, how to regress them and when to apply these principles.

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Personal Training

Want the results without having to worry about programming and the science behind it all? Then I also offer personal training sessions. This is a good option if you have a specific goal in mind or want ongoing training.
Discounts are available if you buy sessions in bulk.

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Fundamentals Pack

5 Sessions


The fundamentals pack is designed for people who have either very little or no experience with body weight training, or for people who have experience but are looking to take their training more seriously.

We’ll learn how to effectively schedule a routine, how to train for a higher degree of mobility and how to shed unwanted weight through high intensity training. Through all of these sessions we’ll discuss nutrition, a vital aspect that is crucial to your success.

These sessions will also cover equipment you might want to consider investing in and how to use them properly. These types of equipment might include gymnastic rings, chin up bar, paralletes, ab wheels and resistance bands. You will have access to all of these things during the sessions so you can try before you buy. The gymnastic rings warrant particular mention as they are incredibly versatile, cheap, can usually be easily installed at home and can be used by absolute beginners through to Olympic level gymnasts.

During this course you will also receive:

  • Access to a video library which contains narrated demonstrations of over 100 calisthenics exercises
  • An information pack for each session which contains the salient points for future reference

The sessions are split into the following areas and take between 1-2 hours depending on how familiar you are with the exercises and are a mixture of practical and theory. They can be done at a time convenient for you and your commitments.

  1. Pushing exercises
  2. Pulling exercises and legs
  3. Core and high intensity workouts
  4. Flexibility principles/exercises and how to most effectively apply them to your training
  5. Programming. We’ll look at how to build the most effective routine and how to vary this routine to help you avoid plateaus and keep progressing

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Personal Training


If you want the results without having to worry about programming and the science behind it all, then I also offer personal training sessions. This is a good option if you have a specific goal in mind or want ongoing training. Discounts are available if you buy sessions in bulk.

In these sessions I will give you the information you need to understand why we’re doing certain things. I will take care of all your sessions content but it is important to learn about your body if you’re serious about your health and fitness.

If at any time you have questions you can phone me, email or send a message through social media. When you embark on any of these sessions I am making a commitment to your development and that absolutely extends to the time out of your sessions.

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Please Help!

I’m trying to push our local council to install a Calisthenics park on Southsea seafront. If you could spare a moment to show support that would be much appreciated. For more info click the link below…

Support The Cause

Watch This Space...

I am also available for Calisthenics workshops at your facility. Please get in touch for details!

My long term plan is to open a calisthenics gym in Portsmouth. This is a very exciting project and will offer the opportunity to train in a truly unique environment with professional advice on tap.

We will operate a primarily class based system with each class run by a professional who will focus on a certain aspect of calisthenics training. These classes will range from obtaining certain skills, developing strength and flexibility and high intensity workouts to shed unwanted weight. This also includes time dedicated to an ‘open gym’ where you can come and work on whatever you want with someone there to help and give advice.

There will be different membership options to fit different people’s needs.

Please follow the progress of this project on Facebook and Instagram and also, of course, this website.

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